The PuzzleArt ChartPak for Success™ helps build and strengthen 20 perceptual learning, oculomotor, binocular, creativity skills, using PuzzleArt™ cognitive concepts. Users are engaged as they develop better focus, work on memory, improve their ability to think outside the box, and relax while working with our colorful and fun approach.

We hope you enjoy the many innovative and challenging exercises in these charts. Each exercise helps you work on multiple therapeutic categories as indicated by our PuzzleArt Therapy™ icon key. These charts can be used with the PuzzleArt Therapy System™, for as stand-alone therapy for office, reception area, classroom or home use.

PuzzleArt Therapy™ is the first system to combine binocular and perceptual therapy using hands-on abstract art at its core and is used in therapy offices, private and military hospitals, clinics, universities, elementary schools, senior centers and rehabilitation centers through-out the world.

This groundbreaking 3D therapy system is the result of the collaboration between Susan Fisher, OD, and PuzzleArtist Alli Berman for PuzzleArt International. The PuzzleArt ChartPak for Success™ and eleven other PuzzleArt therapeutic products are on our online shop.

PuzzleArt ChartPak for Success ™

4 large Wall Charts

4 smaller Table Charts


2 pair of our special 3D glasses


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