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These free activities were specially designed for the 2017 AOTA Annual Conference!

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Level 1 is best for ages 2-5. Level 2 is best for ages 6 and up.

Our FUN PuzzleArt™ Therapy System Products can help improve 20 important Perceptual, Sensory, Oculomotor, and Creativity skills!

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PuzzleArt™ One Minute Brain Builder

This is a special targeted activity for you to use with your population. Use it online or print it out and enjoy!

Whether you were at the AOTA conference or not, you can still get a free activity. Just choose Level 1 or Level 2.
These activities are samples and were created just for the 2017 AOTA Annual Conference and won't be available much longer!

Level 1

Best for ages 2-5


Level 2

Best for ages 6 and up


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