Visual Skills

Professional Development
Training Program

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With your Brain Builders Nation membership you get access to our
Visual Skills Professional Development Training
and build a library of colorful and fun perceptual, oculomotor
and sensory activities you can use every day.

Receive an overview and in-depth lesson of one visual skill necessary
for academic and ADL success each month. 
Includes 2 Monthly Graded Interventions on three levels
and the license to use them.

$199 per year

NEW! PuzzleArt™ Therapy Program for Online Use!

With Brain Builders Nation you can easily access and use all your activities online. Great for use in the office, classroom, and even at home.

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    Turnkey Homework Program
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    Seamlessly Fits Daily Interventions
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    Individual and Group Sessions
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    Socialization Component Builds Self Confidence
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    Icon Key Indicates 20 Skills Deficits
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    Colorful and FUN

Kids LOVE IT - Parents LOVE IT - Therapists LOVE IT

Get 6 NEW Fully Gradeable
Downloadable Activities

every month

Our Brain Builders Nation Program offers One Minute Brain Builder activities that can help develop and improve 20 important visual, motor, cognitive, early learning and social skills.

Colorful, Perceptual, Oculomotor and Sensory fun!
Used in 16 countries.

With Brain Builders Nation you receive a License to Use Them with Your Entire Population!

This license is a special members-only exclusive. You are free to use all your monthly downloads in just about any way you want, including re-using them with all your patients or students.

Brain Builders Nation is the Online Professional Development Membership Program of the PuzzleArt™ Therapy System

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1,000s of therapists in 16 countries use the PuzzleArt™ Therapy System
to help people of all ages and abilities!

The military uses it!

You can easily use it!

Access the Premier Professional Development Training Program and Build Your Resource Library!