PuzzleArt Therapy System Training Program

6 Credit Hour Hands-On Training for Therapists


Don’t miss out on becoming certified as a Level One PuzzleArt Therapist.

Learn this new form of therapy with practical applications and leave with $200 worth of product you can use the very next day.

PuzzleArtTM Therapy can help improve 20 perceptual, sensory and oculomotor skills including...

  • bilateral integration
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • letter and word recognition
  • near/far focus
  • visualization
  • and more!​

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November 12, 2017

Girl plays with PuzzleArt Skill Builder

Six Credit Hours
Full Day Training Course

Overview of the visual, thinking, sensory and oculomotor skills needed for success, and the hands-on therapy system which can help improve them.

PuzzleArt Therapy is the FIRST therapy to combine Perceptual, Oculomotor, Binocular and PuzzleArt Sensory Protocols using hands-on abstract art.

Participants Will:

  • ​Receive a Level One PuzzleArt Therapist Certification
  • Learn the developmental progression of visual skills
  • Understand the definitions of visual perception, visual motor, oculomotor and binocular skills and the PuzzleArt products that will help develop and improve them
  • Practice conducting a quick visual screening to be used in conjunction with clinical assessment and standardized tests for children and adults of all ages and abilities
  • Explore the relationship of visual skills to reading, writing and daily life skills
  • Discover a new form of integrative therapy
  • Acquire skills to use nine PuzzleArt Therapy products

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What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

PuzzleArt is the missing link in the practice of Occupational Therapy. I look forward to start the screenings.

Tina M.

Shane Melaugh

Trying to think where to start as learned so much. Need to process where to begin but will be using a tremendous amount!

Ellen R.

Shane Melaugh

A very well thought out, organized program that incorporates art, vision therapy, brain gym, and more into an easy to use program.

Debbie H.

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