New visualization tool helps you focus on and achieve your dreams!

Dreams are important! Dreams are destiny!

Use this colorful new method to help make your dreams come true.

It’s simple. Here’s how it works.

Think about one of your dreams.

Then focus on a part  — or all — of your PuzzleArt Dreamer.

Look at your Dreamer while thinking about you ACCOMPLISHING your dream. Actually SEE yourself actively reaching your goal (ex: receiving your new degree, crossing the finish line of the marathon, walking through the door of your new office after your promotion, sailing down the Amazon in your own boat…)

Close your eyes.

Create a mental picture of your goal (Visualize a video of it actually happening as compared to a still photograph).

Give yourself permission to work on achieving success in any area of your life that is important to you. Allow yourself to manifest your goal.

Keep your one-of-a-kind Dreamer where you can see it.

PuzzleArt Dreamers help you train your brain to believe that attaining your goal is completely possible. They help you put the pieces of your own “life puzzle” together and help you find the strength to keep working to reach your goals.

PADs serve as a divination tool, to symbolically represent the pieces of your life coming together to form your dream.  You can use them to project your desires onto it and use the Dreamer as a canvas for how you'd like your life to be.

Project your intention onto the art and imagine the swirls and lines undulating and coming together in ways that symbolically manifest your goal.

When you focus your visualization in the painting until you can see the lines and shapes coming together – forming an image of your actual wish – THEN you bring your mind into a state of belief and alignment that is a more fertile ground for goals to manifest in the physical world.

Studies show that if you focus on a specific goal consistently, it will help you to make it come true much sooner than if you don't focus on it at all.

These original works of art are signed by PuzzleArtist Alli Berman.

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