Neuroscience Meets Art

The PuzzleArt Therapy SystemTM

The first therapy to combine perceptual, oculomotor,
binocular & sensory therapy with hands-on abstract art



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Visually Appealing. Visually Healing.

The PuzzleArt Therapy System is an integrated holistic system
which helps build and strengthen 20 perceptual learning, oculomotor, binocular,
sensory and 
creativity skills using our whole-brain cognitive concepts:

Our PuzzleArt Sensory Protocols

Utilizing well tested and proven movements, our concept takes a holistic approach to achieve objectives in populations of all ages and abilities. All our products and programs have an emphasis on strategic Activity and Oxygen.

One-Two Finger FollowTM


Our proprietary finger play and our “follows” help develop strong eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Improves concentration and focus and is loads of FUN!

Brain-Click-ConnectTM Method

Our proprietary dual hand position helps connect both sides of the brain as it promotes whole brain activities in a simple-as-child’s-play motion. Improves focus and concentration and helps develop peripheral vision.

Featured Products

Brain Builders Nation
Track & Match Secret Circles Level 2 – Directionality
Track & Match Secret Circles Level 3 – Early Childhood

Thrive with PuzzleArt Therapy

PuzzleArt Therapy is used for screening and fun therapy for people of all ages.
The colorful and relaxing programs are in private and military hospitals and clinics, private practice, universities, elementary schools, senior centers
 rehabilitation centers in 15 countries.

Our 15 products offer 2 dozen to 200 activities which can be integrated seamlessly to help your population.

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PuzzleArt Therapist Training Program Available

6 Credit Hours Personal Development Programs for

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Vision Therapists
  • TBI and PTSD Professionals
  • Fun Therapists
  • Art Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • School Psychologists
  • and more
Our six hours of certified training will give you the tools, techniques and materials to begin screening, assessing, and treating both children and adults with a variety of abilities. You can use the PuzzleArtTherapy System concepts and products immediately in your practice.
Begin Using New Therapeutic Techniques the Very Next Day
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Dr Fisher and 5 year old
3 people doing PA training activities

Applause from the Kids

The PuzzleArtTM Brain Fitness Game

Helps you improve memory, focus and concentration, and 18 other important cognitive and visual skills.

Live Younger, Longer, Stronger
through Creativity.

app ART by Alli Berman

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PuzzleArt therapeutic products can be found in our shop.

WallWorks Healing Colors with Black
  • Develop better focus, work on memory,
 improve your ability to think outside the box and more. For all ages and abilities.
  • Relax as you work with our colorful and fun approach. It is the first therapy system to use hands-on abstract art at its core.
  • We hope you enjoy the many innovative and challenging activities in the system. All twelve products help people of all ages and abilities work on multiple therapeutic categories as indicated by our PuzzleArt Therapy™ 
icon key. The products can be used individually or within the PuzzleArt Therapy System™ for office, reception area, classroom or home use.

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Created by…

The unique PuzzleArtTM and concepts were created by international PuzzleArtistTM Alli Berman.

The groundbreaking 3D therapy system is the result of the collaboration between Behavioral Optometrist, Susan Fisher, OD, and PuzzleArtist Alli Berman for PuzzleArt International.

Neuroscientists, therapists, TBI and PTSD specialists, and educators from around the world added their input and the result is a fully integrated process that helps increase success in school, develops perceptual and sensory skills to improve the quality of life, and is colorful, approachable and FUN!


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Free Sample Activity

PAABC2 - PuzzleArt Alli Activity Book Challenge Edition 2

Adventures with PuzzleArt Alli in 3D
Challenge Edition 2

This Activity Book contains 100s of exercises in our Achieve Success Program to help build strong perceptual learning, oculomotor, sensory, binocular, creativity, and other important skills.

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