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“It was a very interesting workshop. We worked with PuzzleArt and connected different shapes and colors. It opened up a new way for me to look at my problems. It was relaxing and I learned something new. I’ll use these methods to come up with new solutions to problems now.”

—Dan R/businessman/62 years young

(Pointing to the PuzzleArt) “I see the prow of a boat in the water and a whale-like animal is swimming toward the boat. He’s guarding the coastline. It’s very enjoyable. I don’t know why but I feel at peace, and years younger! – thanks for the new experience.

—Ben E/creative person/99 years young

“It makes me feel good to put the colors and shapes together. You’re never too old to be creative, especially with this PuzzleArt.”

—Sabina Rose/homemaker/103 years young

“Lots of colors and swirling shapes. Interesting to put them together again and again. You could keep doing it for a very long time, it makes you feel so good. It makes me feel very creative and younger for some reason…”

—Jack L/businessman/101 years young

“I totally reached a peace – I felt like i was sharing a part of me with everyone. Thanks. I have a new perspective now.”

—Barbara L/businesswoman/59 years young


“Experience the creative process and the joy of discovery while connecting to thousands of people around the world. Berman's interactive abstract PuzzleArt is an experience not to be missed. The creative experience is educational and unifying,…and it's fun!”

—Pat Snyder, Director Education Center, East End Arts Council, Riverhead, NY



“The art you're doing is very accessible…you've created art for the people.”
From Marcia McNair – Sistas on Fire – Bog Talk Radio
Interview begins at time index 19:45,  click link below:


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Okay, think now…what does a puzzle make you do? It makes you think. It’s brain food or brain therapy. Well I went to an art exhibit at the Long Island Children’s Museum, and on display was my good friend, Puzzle Artist Alli Berman’s art work, that is being used in schools and in many countries around the world. Folks, Life is a wonderful puzzle, we are always trying to figure out, why we love one person over another, how to make more money, how to fix something, how to stop something…so many questions, so little time but the beauty is with both this art and life is that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN ANSWERS! Yes, the ultimate adventure to figure out how to make your own life a wonderful journey. So get cracking and start solving your life puzzle!

—Fran Capo, March 7th 2011 ‘CuppaCapo' YouTube Channel,

CuppaCappo Episode #52

Dear Alli,

Although I was unable to attend yesterday’s trip to the LIC’s Museum, I was met with rave reviews of your presentation when I entered JASA this morning, and throughout the day. Everyone was impressed by your art work, and warmed and delighted by you and your program. One of my seniors even told me that you inspired her to resume art projects that she had left unfinished after many years. I appreciate and applaud your efforts and I thank you for welcoming us to your exhibit. I’m so glad that it worked out wonderfully for all.

With appreciation, Bonni L. Goetz, JASA Assistant Project Director

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