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3D Brain Fitness Art Comes Alive!

Meet PuzzleArtist Alli Berman at our Special Event on Sunday, March 6th at 3pm-5pm

Swirls, Waves and Puzzles: The Art of Alli Berman – featured in the Lobby and filling the KaleidoZone Gallery at the Long Island Children’s Museum in Garden City.

Come explore this 3D interactive exhibit featuring PuzzleArt created by Woodmere artist Alli Berman.

Brightly colored and highly textured, PuzzleArt is a complete hands-on experience that engages minds and builds imagination. Individually and/or in groups, peo­ple manipulate and organize PuzzleArt pieces into millions of combinations. This process jumpstarts creativity as they learn to think outside the box. Additional benefits of PuzzleArt is it opens a person’s eyes to the possibility of other pathways or problem solving perspectives, forges tolerance with smiles amid the Aha! moments, and engenders conversation and community. This unique concept was created by Long Island PuzzleArtist Alli Berman.

“Alli Berman PuzzleArt is vibrant in movement and color, made KINETIC by the kids that are the wheels.  Alli's PuzzleArt is beautifully contrasted and supplemented by Alli's meditative exploration of the colors and movement of the sea.”

– Erik Schurink, Director of Exhibits, LICM (Long Island Children's Museum)

Paint splattered smocks on loan from Berman’s studios are available for role-playing in this mini art studio. An educational table offers color and shape lessons in the form of regular and 3D play.

“I’m so pleased”, said Berman, “that the museum set up the exhibit so kids can enter ‘my studio’, put on ‘my paint shirts’, and begin the creative process using my PuzzleArt and their imaginations. They can work as professional artists and explore the millions of connections of color, shape, line and texture in abstract art in a very sophisticated and robust way. There are specific exercises and free-for-all play. And then they can add the 3D element for FUN! It’s Art Education on steroids!” The exhibit runs through May 8th.

Kayla Dove, Director of Education at LICM says, “having watched families interact with Alli’s PuzzleArt pieces, I see how engaging, inviting, intuitive, and assessable her work is. The 3-D glasses add another dimension to the experience the kids get without being told what to do.”

International PuzzleArtist Alli Berman created her interactive PuzzleArt™ concept and developed it into various hands-on brain fitness programs to help others improve their cognitive, learning and problem-solving skills. Berman co-developed the first and only therapy, which combines Binocular AND Perceptual Therapy and uses interactive abstract fine art at its core. The PuzzleArt Therapy System is now used by vision therapists, occupational therapists, art therapists, neuropsychologists, brain trauma professionals and other specialists in 13 countries.

Berman is an artist, educator and lecturer for the past 25 years. An educational advisor to the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and founder of Anti-Aging Art, her art is exhibited in museums and galleries and in corporate and private collections worldwide. Author of Hands-On Brain Fitness, Hands-On Brain Fitness for Kids, and Adventures with PuzzleArt Alli in 3D!, Berman wants to help millions around the world with her art.

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LICM: Maureen Mangan, Director of Communications   [email protected]  516.224.5828

Kayla Dove, Director of Education    [email protected]   516.224.5844

PuzzleArtist Alli Berman   [email protected]   516.695.3110

Imagination with PuzzleArt in 3D – a great combo!

Chunky PuzzleArt – perfect building blocks for small hands!
PuzzleArt teaches kids how to really LOOK at art and FEEL it