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Rules, Terms & Conditions

By clicking to download the items below, you agree to our Rules, Terms & Conditions, which state that these Brain Builders Nation activities are for YOUR exclusive use, with your population ONLY, FOREVER.

  • You agree you will ONLY use them with the people you offer therapy to in any setting; school, therapy practice, hospital, rehab center, etc.
  • You agree that you will not sell or resell any activities to anyone in any shape or form.
  • Please ask your colleagues to sign up for their own free activity just as you have at PuzzleArt.com/FreeActivity

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PuzzleArt Concept Basics

Brain Builders Nation Concept Basics

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Printing Instructions

Brain Builders Nation Printing Instructions

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PuzzleArt™ Counting Paths
One Minute Brain Builder
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Printing Instructions

This activity was designed for Online use. But we understand they are too juicy and colorful and fun to always keep trapped on a screen. You have our permission to print these activity pages for YOUR population ONLY.

Printing instructions for PuzzleArt™ Therapy Skill Builder​

  • ​Print on 14 pt coated card stock in color or thinner stock and laminate.
  • Use a quality outside printer or a good color corrected copier – it really makes a difference.
  • Many Brain Builder pages can be used at both: 8.5×11 and 11×17 card stock.