This is a list of dream projects. Some of them have been completed thanks to hours and dollars and caring individuals and corporations that have lent helping hands, in-kind contributions, and good old-fashioned greenbacks ($$$) to help push a project through. Our gratitude is genuine. No one makes a profit on the dream projects. NO ONE. The donations have always gone directly for the actual costs/materials for a project. Donate $1.00- $100,000.00 and help people of all ages connect to a most basic human need – to learn to express themselves through art experiences that will help them: grow as individuals, teach them tolerance for different ideas and beliefs, and help them to connect to art and others around the globe through this shared experience using PuzzleArt Connect to Creativity concepts tested around the world for the past two decades.

We thank you in advance for any and all contributions. Please check with your tax advisor for deduction details.


A-Accomplished    O-Ongoing    W-Wishful Thinking


1) Two kids Connect to Creativity free workshops (W) at the Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City, NY for April 21st, 2011. We need:

—@50 large clean or new white long sleeve button down cotton or cotton blend shirts for paintable smocks – all sizes

—12  5oz tubes of acrylic paint (I ALWAYS prefer Golden Acrylics)

—one dozen china bristle 2″ wide brushes

—videographer / photographer-half day Sunday, April 21st 10:45am-2:45pm

2) Software developer/ apps developer for iphone or ipad (W) for Connect to Community project – email for details but basically we need someone to help us put interactive PuzzleArt on the internet so kids around the world can connect to art and each other through a shared experience using the PuzzleArt creativity concepts and Build a Global Community through Creativity. We have already reached thousands of kids in dozens of countries with actual hands-on experiences but this will enlarge our reach to teach kids to think outside the box and solve problems in a creative and unique way. It also helps people become more tolerant and accepting of others' ideas through the universal language of abstract art. PuzzleArt Builds Global Community as it Builds Creativity.

Connect To Creativity Workshops/Projects

Community Program, Hempstead, NY (A)  (W)

Connect to Cayman, Cayman Islands, BWI (A)

Kids Connect, New York to Louisiana (A)

Biennale Arts Community, Florence, Italy (A)

Elementary Schools, Florence, Italy (A)  (W)

Elementary Schools, Vicenza, Italy (A)  (W)

Women’s Prison, Grand Cayman (A)  (W)

JumpStart Creativity Workshops

Widows Bereavement Group, Garden City, NY (A)  (W)

Library Project for Seniors, Long Beach, NY (A) (O) (W)

Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, High Schools: Nassau+Suffolk, NY (A) (O) (W)

Arts Organizations and Artists Groups, Global (A) (O) (W)

Brain Fitness Workshops/Exhibitions

Seniors, Florence, Italy (A) (O) (W)

Seniors, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York (A) (W)

Nursing Homes, Nassau, Suffolk + Westchester County, New York (A) (W)

Art Collaborations + Events

Dozens Worldwide – small (3) to huge groups (3,500) (A) (O) (W)

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