Thank you for your interest in our new 3D PuzzleArt Therapy System™ which is the FIRST therapy to combine binocular and perceptual therapy using hands-on abstract art at its core…PuzzleArt Therapy™… the colorful and FUN approach!

Therapists find the flexible modular PuzzleArt Therapy System useful and easy to integrate into their practice. Kids love it. If you haven’t put a little PuzzleArt™ in your practice yet, feel free to contact us and ask questions about our new 3D System or any other aspect of what those in the industry are referring to as “Amazing”, “Comprehensive”, “3D VT in a Box!”, and “FUN!”

We are so grateful to all the ODs, therapists, and patients in 13 countries + throughout the US who keep turning to PuzzleArt Therapy™

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The PuzzleArt Therapy System™

3 module program for all your therapy needs

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Helps improve:

• Binocular Skills

• Visual Perception

• Visual Discrimination

• Spatial Relationships

• Visual Memory

• Visual Figure-Ground

• Amblyopia

• Accommodation / Near-Far

• Letter and Word Recognition

• Cognitive & Problem-Solving Skills

• Traumatic Brain Injury

• Creativity

Connect to Creativity!

Susan Fisher, OD

PuzzleArtist Alli Berman

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