WallWorks Overview

PuzzleArt WallWorks™ is Child’s Play!

Original Interactive PuzzleArt is a unique hands-on experience that enriches your patient's time at your office in your waiting room or reception area, and can be used as an added bonus feature in therapy rooms. Hand painted, heavily textured, and brightly colored, PuzzleArt comes in sizes that range from 12 pieces which are great for therapy rooms up to one hundred twenty-eight piece configurations for entire walls…and MORE!

Art and Science combine to help people ages 1 to 101! Hands-on brain fitness concept created by 
PuzzleArtist Alli Berman works hard in therapy practices around the world. It’s the perfect textured accompaniment to the PuzzleArt Therapy System™ or as a dramatic stand-alone activity.

Use PuzzleArt WallWorks™ in your office to:

—enhance the therapy experience as it educates

—excite even as it relaxes

—occupy hands and minds for long periods of time

Patients, siblings and adults become totally absorbed with Original PuzzleArt WallWorks™ as they immerse themselves in the highly textured, colorful and FUN interactive process.

Promotes vision therapy in your office in a colorful and FUN way. Extends therapy to the waiting room experience. Available in standard or custom sizes and colors. Comes with custom signage with fun, easy directions and a picture of the complete original configuration.

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